What on earth is a Rocksack?

It's a collection of baby sleeping bags shaped like legendary guitars.

When I became a mom, I started to miss rocking out in the band room.
On our first New Year's Eve as a family, I snuggled my toddler sideways on my lap and strummed some White Stripes air guitar chords on his tummy: The things extreme fatigue will do to you...
So the idea of the Rocksack was born to the White Stripes on New Year's Eve.
With a Rocksack, you can take a Rock and Roll memento into your new life with your little punk!
I've started out with my three favorite classic models, maybe your favorite is among them as well. In the future, I hope to add more bags and legends, so follow my work on Instagram or Facebook, or sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date! 

Who needs a Rocksack? 

The Rocksack baby sleeping bag is a fun accessory for every music lover parent. It is for you, if you are a new mom or dad and don't want to miss rocking out. If you would love to dress your baby in the padded version of your favorite axe.
If you hope to raise a future Rock'n'Roll star or music lover. If you want your baby to stand out. 
If you are looking for a unique accessory or a perfect baby shower gift.
Or if you are just here for a great baby sleeping bag.
Now I totally want one!

You can buy the Rocksack right here! 

I strive to work with high quality materials and to provide fair working conditions in production. And I'd like to offer a reasonable price to my customers. 

For all of these aspects to meet, I decided to distribute the Rocksack directly to my customers, so you can head to the online shop right away. 


In the future I hope to introduce a rental model for the Rocksack to further sustainability and waste reduction. That way you'd be able to choose between buying new or renting used sleeping bags, if any are available. 

Interested vendors and distributors can of course shoot me a line here and maybe we can work something out!

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