Why Rent a Rocksack?

1. To contribute to a mindful economy

 We think it's important to reduce apparel industry waste, re-use and re-cycle wherever you can.

You think the ROCKSACK is super cute but also a bit of a waste of resource? You have the option of using your favourite axe as long as you need it and send it back to us after your baby has outgrown it. 
This way, you can revel in the joy of rocking your baby to sleep, and contribute to a mindful use of our planet's resources.

2. To profit from some cash back!

For every Rocksack you return to us, we will pay you money - either as a bank transfer or store credit. Depending on the wear and tear of your ROCKSACK, you'll receive up to 20€!

How does it work? 

1. You pick your favorite ROCKSACK model in the online store and put it in your shopping cart.
2. Proceed to Checkout, then click on "Notiz hinzufügen" on your checkout form. 
3. Fill in "For Rent" and I'll be sure to add an address sticker with paid postage for your return.
4. Enjoy your ROCKSACK! 
5. When the baby's grown out of it, put the ROCKSACK in an envelope, add the postage sticker, and send it back to me! 
6. After checking the ROCKSACK's condition, and depending on its wear and tear I'll offer you up to 20 € to either transfer back to you or to spend in the shop on a bigger sized model.
7. This works for all ROCKSACK models,  i.e. the pre-loved/second hand models as well. As their condition will not be mint when you buy them, the refund will probably not be a full 20 €.

What are the criteria for Wear and Tear

Mint: Colors almost as new, some washes, no stains, no tears. Fit for 1 or more life cycles. 20 € refund.

Very good: Good colors, some washes, no stains, no tears. Fit for 1 or more life cycles. 15 € refund.

Good: Washed out colors, minor stains, no tears, no missing parts. Fit for one more life cycle. 10 € Refund. 

Worn: Washed out colors, large stains, minor tears, missing buttons. Not fit for re-use. No refund. If sent back, I will dispose of its components.

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