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Rocksack sleeping bags are designed to keep your baby snug and safe. As a mom myself, I know you want to cover all your bases, because all the time spent not worrying is time well spent!

So here's some tips and background on our sleeping bags so you can get about 2 hours more sleep than you would have without this info.

The right size

Keep in mind that every Rocksack model comes in one or two sizes only. You basically pick your favorite guitar and wait until baby is the right size.

Since babies usually start small and get bigger, most bags will at some point fit most babies.

If you choose the sleeping bag as a present and are unsure which size is right for the baby, follow this totally German formula: baby's length minus length of head plus 10 equals sizing number. This number is the size you should select in the shop. You'll also see which ages will usually work for each model.
Safety tips

Sleeping bags are often recommended because they cannot slip over your baby's face during sleep, and your baby cannot uncover by accident. To also make sure your baby does not slip into the bag, Rocksack sleeping bags have adjustable snaps for a perfect fit on your baby's shoulders and neck.

Rocksacks can be used during summer, spring and autumn. Do not use additional blankets, covers or cushions. The Rocksack will keep your baby warm enough.


If you're uncertain about your temperature, note that a room temperature of 16° to 20° C is recommended. Use long sleeved jammies or an additional body rather than an additional blanket if you think your baby might be too cool. Like this, you can even use the Rocksack into winter.

If you fear your baby might be too cold or you're uncertain about temperature, remember that the room should not be too hot, about 16° to 20° is actually recommended by health agencies. If you check you baby's nape, it should feel warm, but not hot or sweaty.

Check out your national health agency recommendations on safe sleeping environments for babies! Visit for example the Lullaby Trust or Kinderärzte im Netz for further information.

Our materials

When choosing fabrics, snaps and zippers, I wanted to make sure that I can vouch for every detail making up the Rocksack sleeping bags.

​So in oder to guarantee a healthy and safe product, I decided to work exclusively with materials certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1 for baby products. This independent testing standard ensures non-toxic sourcing & production to prevent allergies and irritations.
This includes fabrics as well as dry goods. Zippers, yarns, and buttons are made by renowned German producers adhering to the highest standards of quality and offering long standing experience with baby wear and accessories. Some material, such as the covers of the decorational buttons, are from kbA/ organic cotton.
This way you can be sure your baby does not get into contact with substances non-suitable for its skin and organism.

Fair production

Rocksack production is right around the corner!

​Rocksack baby sleeping bags are designed in Berlin and produced with a trusted partner in the north of Poland, about 2 hours from Berlin.

We believe in being in touch efficiently through short supply chains.

We prefer catering to aware customers, music enthusiasts and interested parents to serving a mass market.
We believe in a high quality product, made within a fair working environment in our own vicinity.​
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