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She's leaving home

I mean... I don't want to sound dramatic, and I actually am working from my home desk for now. Still kind of feels like leaving the house, when you get to sit and think for hours straight!

So my Elternzeit is over and I'm back at work. It's a weird mix of being super stoked and jumping right into the to-do list, and at the same time not even remembering how to make a phone call. There's also a bit of melancholy there to be honest, because the baby is definitely not a baby anymore. Also, him being the second baby that starts Kita doesn't soften the melancholy of letting kids grow and go about their ways.

So to get started again, and warm up my knuckles before all those important phone calls, I'll compile a little review of what I've been doing in the past year:


There are now 5 ROCKSACK models available, and I recently had the chance to finally make a special black SG for a customer! It looks awesome and it absolutely is a classic axe, but I am not sure whether to make black a regular color of my collection. I'm not sure whether it's not too harsh a look. On the other hand, I've also had some requests for pink and blue guitars, and those have tended to annoy me - there's enough pink and blue baby stuff around, and not every last thing you buy for you baby has to come in blue or pink. I also don't understand why asking about blue and pink needs to be the first question on your mind.

So I was debating this back and forth a bit, baby hues or black, Soft Rock or Heavy Metal? And I've decided to come up with a small line of black guitars and otherwise continue with the regular colors of my collection. Let's see how that works out.

What do you think? Comment, write, or teleport your thoughts and opinions.


I was mentioned in the wonderful Mummy Mag! OK, to be honest, this really already happened a decent while ago in January. And I was probably sleep-deprived, covered in various textures of spit by the ones I love, but I was also super happy that Janine decided to feature my DJANGO sleeping bag in their recommendations for baby sleeping gear. It fits ROCKSACK's local roots that a mom magazine from Berlin chose to feature a local product. Now I realized I really need to remind everyone of my Rent-a-Rocksack concept to really drive home the point of sustainable baby fun. Thank you guys!


I am working on a ROCKSACK new model!

I'm curious if you can already guess by the picture, but I'm super happy to start working on this. In the concept stage of the whole ROCKSACK project, I had already out this on top of my list, but I deduced to table this model in favor of the DJANGO model, since I wanted to include an acoustic guitar sleeping bag in my first collection for varitey. So now the time has come to get developing on this wonderful model, and I'm excited to see how you guys will like this one.

Just like Django, this guitar legend has a rather big corpus and is therefore predestined to become a large ROCKSACK in a Size L for babies aged about 6 to 11 months. Once I’m done with prototyping and initial production, I will introduce this guitar's story properly with one or two blogposts.


Having kids came with a deep dive into the neverending and sometimes spooky world of kids apparel. The spookiest discovery on my part may be how much kids apparel is designed to work similar to grown-up apparel. Although there's objectively no need for that. So since about a year my thoughts have circled around this phenomenon I will call "gendered kids apparel" and the various observations and theories I've come up with. Next blog post will deal explicitly with this topic, since it's about time I sort out my thoughts on this.

I am very excited about this one, but it will take some time to prepare & write. Bear with me!

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