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On Friday, I finally had the chance to pick up my first load of Rocksack sleeping bags in Szczecin, and boy, was I excited! I went with my father, because he likes these kinds of shenanigans. Over in Szczecin, Izabela and her team have done a beautiful job with my project, although working out the details especially on "Angus" must have been a tailor's nightmare and the sartorial equivalent of a highway to hell, for lack of a cooler metaphore...

A couple of days ago, I started to get really anxious about this project, and in my not so spare time I came up with all kinds of little horrible scenarios of things that could have gone wrong in production, no matter how thoroughly and comprehensively I thought I'd prepared all documentation. So I was very nervous when we drove up, but seeing my first rows of insanely pretty Rocksack bags, I was instantly relieved, and apparently so was she when we discussed this first set and her solutions for the issues that came up during production. It was great to get to know Izabela's workflow and her approach to production issues. It's solid to have a production partner who gets the product and who I can trust to come up with ideas and input when the machine is rolling, that'll be a good working base for the future.

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