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Rent your baby stuff!

Since I believe that a decent apparel project today needs to cover sustainability aspects, here goes my idea: I'm pretty sure your baby does not grow faster than mine. That means your baby will likely be able to wear the Rocksack for about 3 - 5 months, which might feel like eternity when you're the parent, but in reality is no time at all. Also, maybe you do not keep each and every pair of cute baby socks around for memories once your toddler toddles on to childhood. In that case, I suggest to lighten the load. So here's the thing: Next year, I want to test a system where you can either buy the Rocksack or rent it. There's no specific option to do that in my shop right now, because I'll have to do some research first. I'll have to see how I can manage rentals online, as well as figure out how to pay out refunds for you guys, because there should be something in it for you as well, right? So I'm super sorry this won't be happening before Christmas, which would be a great time to launch this, but it's definitely on the to do list once things get rolling!

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